Riak's hooks on multiple nodes

I spent a good portion of my day trying to figure out how the node coordination works in Riak with hooks. We were noticing that on our 6-nodes cluster, even if we only pointed our apps at one node, the hooks would trigger randomly on the 6 of them.

It is because when you send a commit to a node, the hook1 (be it a post-commit or a pre-commit hook) is triggered only on the coordinating node, which can be a different node than the receiving node, and this is decided by the internal hashing. This coordinating node takes care of the replication, insuring that at least N nodes (configured per bucket) have the data 2.

Eric Redmond gave me a good illustration of this :

Yes, the coordinator is actually the first node in the “preference list”. The preference list is the list of nodes that an object will be replicated to. So, say you have nodes A-F, but your N (replication) value is 3, you may be contacting Node A, but it may forward that request to node C. C would be the “coordinator”, while D and E are the other primary replica nodes. So your 1/6 is exactly what you’d expect.

So from this I can give the following advice :

Deploying Riak hooks

As a bonus, here is a script to deploy your hooks. It will connect to a node, find all the members of the cluster, and deploy the files there.

# The cluster will be read from there
# User to connect to each node
# Where you want the hooks to be stored
hosts=`ssh $user@$firstnode "riak-admin member-status | grep valid | sed -re \"s/^.*'.*@(.*)'.*$/\1/\""`

for host in $hosts
	echo "==========================="
	echo "+ Deploying to $host"
	echo "==========================="

	# Check that the node is configured properly
	out=`ssh $user@$host "cat /etc/riak/app.config | grep add_path | grep $hookpath"`
	if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then
		echo -e "\n\n!!!! The 'add_path' directive is missing on node $host"
		echo "Add it to /etc/riak/app.config"
		echo "Aborting deploy for $host"

	# Rsync .erl files into path
	ssh root@$host "mkdir -p $path && rm /tmp/erlhooks/*"
	rsync --delete-before -azv *.erl $user@$host:/tmp/erlhooks

	# Compile using shipped-in compiler
	path=`ssh $user@$host "dpkg -L riak | grep 'erlc$'"`
	ssh root@$host "cd /tmp/erlhooks && $path *.erl"
	if [[ $? -ne 0 ]]; then
		echo -e "\n\n!!!! Compiling & reloading phase failed on $host"
		ssh $user@$host "rm $path/*.beam" 2>/dev/null
		ssh $user@$host "mv /tmp/erlhooks/*.beam $path && riak-admin erl-reload"

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